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Our mission is to Elevate your life through chiropractic techniques designed to encourage whole-body health and wellness. It’s not just about the back pain, it’s about full functionality, pain-free.

Chiropractic Care Can Make You Feel Your Best

We get caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes put our happiness off to the side, but no more. You need to focus on yourself, your health and wellbeing. That pain/discomfort you’re experiencing doesn’t need to be a lifelong thorn in your side. You can reach optimum whole-body health through advanced chiropractic care that we offer at Elevate Chiropractic. At Elevate, we want to serve our community by educating the mind and adjusting the body to achieve your Elevated Life!

Dr. Hayley adjusting a child while the child is laying on her mother for support

We Take a Holistic Approach to Chiropractic

The body is an incredible design. It is capable of overcoming difficult stresses, pain, discomfort, and dysfunctional mobility all by itself, we’re just here to guide it. Our holistic multi-prong approach targets on setting your body up for success from several angles.

We look at your body as a whole, rather than piecing it apart. Everything is connected. Your brain, gut, spine, nervous system, muscles – they are all working together to keep you functioning at 100%! Sometimes, all we need is a little push in the right direction to overcome the challenges our bodies have experienced.

We do this through techniques designed to focus your body’s attention on where the root problem is so it can heal itself. And we start with subluxation.

What is a Subluxation?

Subluxation is the term we use to say, “part of your spine isn’t aligned.” Naturally, our spines have an ‘S’ shape to keep our bodies properly balanced and mobile. However, this ‘S’ is when we look at your body from the side. When looking forward, your spine should be straight, not curved. If your spine is misaligned or functional, this is what we refer to as a subluxation. Vertebrae that are stationary when you move is a form of a subluxation. An unnaturally curved spine is a subluxation.

We use this term to help our patients understand that the spine itself needs adjusting. The spine is the center point of our body that keeps us functional. All of our movements stem from the spine – the midline of our bodies. With the spine, we have spinal nerves that can become inflamed or pinched due to our spine health.

Poor spinal health can create pain, weakness, or even decreased sensation throughout the body, not just in or near the spine.

At Elevate Chiropractic, we start with spine health and, from there, move onto other affected areas.

Can Our Team Help You?

If you’re new to chiropractic care or have experienced a form of chiropractic before, we respect your thoughts on the care you expect to receive. We’ve helped hundreds of patients over the years find their Elevated Life as we take a unique approach to each patient’s recovery. But chiropractic care doesn’t have to be something that treats pain, it is something that can prevent future outcomes.

During your first visit, our doctors take non-invasive tests on your body. We check your nerves, muscles, and may take X-rays to see what position your spine is in today. These tests tell us where your body is trying to survive to keep you moving. If your body is in a constant state of push and pull to help you get out of bed and moving throughout the day, the stress can take a toll.

Even if you don’t have pain, at least knowing how your body is reacting to its environment is worth the visit. You’d be surprised of how often we catch serious issues early on by reviewing these scans and making necessary adjustments to the body.

Allow our doctors to take a look and assess how your body is handling your personal life.

Long-time female patient of Elevate's showing her testimonial on a blackboard

Why are you looking for a chiropractor?

Everyone has their own reason for needing a chiropractor, but we all come for the same outcome: a healthy life, free from pain and discomfort. Before visiting us, know that chiropractic care is much more than freeing the body of pain. We have helped many people overcome other issues in their lives, even for things you may not think possible. Before you come in, ask yourself, “what ails me?”. Why are you looking for chiropractic care? Some issues we assist with are found below.

Timnath Patients Who Have Experienced the Elevate Approach

“This place is a must!! Came in with severe back pain and within one to two visits it was almost none existent. It’s still a work in progress but I’ve noticed a big difference. The staff is always super friendly and work with my busy schedule (which is appreciated). Great atmosphere! 10/10 recommend!”


“I just wanted to update my review since it’s been a few years. I’ve been coming to Elevate Chiropractic for 4 years now and honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of each week. The staff is always welcoming and the care is outstanding. If you’re questioning whether or not to try Elevate Chiropractic out, do yourself a favor and give them a shot. I feel incredibly valued here as a patient and as a human being…”


“One of the most welcoming and caring and knowledgeable group of professionals I have experienced. Their wholistic and educated approach to Chiropractic, and attention to making the client feel comfortable makes Elevate Chiropractic top-level.”


Our Office is Located Near Loveland

Our office is located in Fort Collins off of East Harmony, making it roughly a 30-minute drive from Loveland with a straight shot from South College. Though we’re located a few miles outside of Loveland, we’re here for the Loveland community. It’s always worth a distance when your goal is to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

901 East Harmony Road, #130, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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