Chiropractic Care For Blood Pressure

The Fort Collins Chiropractors at Elevate Chiropractic want you to know the positive impact on your health that chiropractic can bring. Take a look at what the latest research shows about the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Benefits for Blood Pressure

Did you know that the benefits of chiropractic care extend to a wide range of health concerns? Chiropractic care is most often associated with neck pain, back pain and spinal issues, but a growing list of research studies demonstrate that the services provided by chiropractors are clinically effective, safe and cost effective.

Take a look at recent studies spotlighted below. They show that ongoing chiropractic care can have positive effects on blood pressure.

Chiropractic Benefits for Blood Pressure

Latest findings show Chiropractic can help reduce blood pressure
More than 3.6 million Australians over the age of 25 have high blood pressure or are on medication for the condition, but findings recently released by the Chiropractors’ association of Australia indicate there is a non-drug alternative that can lower abnormal blood pressure in healthy bodies by 7.8% – 13%.

The latest findings published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Vol, 24,No.2,by Dr Gary Knutson DC., show chiropractic adjustments to the upper neck can lower systolic blood pressure almost immediately.

According to Dr Laurie Tassell, National Spokesperson for the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, a chiropractic pilot study involving 80 people found there is a relationship between the upper neck vertebrae and the body’s natural blood pressure control reflexes.

“With gentle chiropractic adjustment to the upper neck, blood pressure can be lowered, with good results measured for older patients in particular,” he said.

Traditionally the causes of blood pressure, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, have been linked to excess weight, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, dietary salt intake and nutrition patterns with low intake of fruit and vegetables and a high intake of saturated fat.

Data from the 1999-2000 study of general practice activity in Australia shows that high blood pressure is the most common problem managed by general practitioners, accounting for 6% of all problems managed.

“This is where the results of our finding are significant, because chiropractic spinal adjustments may be able to reduce a patient’s blood pressure and in conjunction with visits to their local GP, the level of prescribed drugs may be significantly reduced,” said Dr Tassell.

A report by the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study found that in 1999-2000, more than 3.6million Australians over the age of 25 had high blood pressure, which equates to 31% of men and 26% of women.

“These chiropractic research findings and the affect of high blood pressure on the Australian population provide a good foundation to recommend further studies involving larger groups for more detailed testing,” said Dr Tassell.

Further to this the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia hope to conduct further studies to identify direct connections between joint problems and muscle tension, and its effects on the nerve reflexes.

“The benefit of chiropractic care is that it is a drugless, painless, and surgically free approach to good health, with the goal of helping allow the body to function and repair itself,” said Dr Tassell.

Chiropractic management of a hypertensive patient: a case study. Plaugher G. Bachman TR.

A case study of a 38 year old male presented with a complaint of hypertension of 14 years duration and side effects of medication (minipress and Corgard) which included bloating sensations, depression ,fatigue and impotency. Chiropractic analysis revealed vertebral subluxation complex at levels Cervical 6-7,Thoracic 3-4,and 7-8 motion units (vertabrae). After three visits the patient’s M.D. stopped the Minipress and reduced the Corgard. After six adjustments corgard was reduced again. All medications were stopped after seven adjustments. Medication side effects had abated as well. After 18 months patients blood pressure remained at normal levels. High blood pressure is something many people suffer from and yet, in most cases the cause is unknown.

Case studies showing changes in blood pressure after Chiropractic care are becoming more and more abundant. Although not a treatment for any disease Chiropractic is designed to maximize life and boost the bodies recuperative powers. Chiropractic teaches us to remove all interferences with body function (subluxation) and to seek out more natural, conservative methods before submitting to more radical (drug and surgical) approaches. Exercise, rest and emotional care, along with a healthy spine and nervous system are all vital for optimal health and well – being. Explore them all.

“While results cannot be predicted for a particular hypertensive patient, a therapeutic trial of chiropractic co-management would seem to be warranted, especially when dysfunction is identified in relevant spinal areas. Proper lifestyle advice and medical care should be concurrent with a regime of adjusting. The authors advise close monitoring of blood pressure for all chiropractic patients on anti-hypertensive medication…the combined effects of the adjustment and the medication might drive a patient’s blood pressure below normal.” From Weber M. and Masarsky C, Eds. Neurological Fitness Vol.2 No.3 April 1993.

The types and frequencies of nonmusculoskeletal symptoms reported after chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy. Leboeuf -Yde C, Axen I, Ahlefeldt G, et al. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Nov/Dec 1999:22(9) 559-64. “How frequently [do] patients report nonmusculoskeletal symptomatic improvements and [what are] the types of such reactions that patients believe to be associated with chiropractic.”

Twenty consecutive patients from 87 Swedish chiropractors answered questionnaires on return visits. A total of 1,504 questionnaires were completed and returned. Twenty-three per cent of patients reported improvement in nonmusculoskeletal symptoms, including:

  • Easier to breathe (98 patients)
  • Improved digestive function (92)
  • Clearer/better/sharper vision (49)
  • Improved circulation (34)
  • Less ringing in the ears (10)
  • Acne/eczema better (8)
  • Dysmenorrhoea better (7)
  • Asthma/allergies better (6)
  • Sense of smell heightened (3)
  • Reduced blood pressure (2)
  • Numbness in tongue gone (1)
  • Hiccups gone (1)
  • Menses function returned (1)
  • Cough disappeared (1)
  • Double vision disappeared (1)
  • Tunnel vision disappeared (1)
  • Less nausea (1)

The effect of cranial adjusting on hypertension: a case report. Connelly DM, Rasmussen SA Chiropractic Technique, May 1998; 10(2):75-78. This paper describes the experiences of three hypertensive patients who underwent chiropractic sacrooccipital cranial technique. One was a 73 year-old woman with a blood pressure of 170/100. Immediately following chiropractic care it was 120/78 and over the next few months measured 140/72.

The second patient was a 41 year-old woman with a blood pressure of 170/95. With cranial care it dropped to an average of 147/90. She was instructed to remove her dental plate at night and a couple of times during the day and her blood pressure dropped to 130/90. The third patient was a 74 year-old male on blood pressure medication who presented a blood pressure of 140/100. After a series of adjustments he was told by his MDs to reduce and eliminate medications. He presented with a blood pressure of 130/80 on his last visit. Randomized clinical trial of chiropractic adjustments and brief massage treatment for essential hypertension: A pilot study. Plaugher G, Meker W, Shelsy A, Lotun K, Jansen R., Conf Proc Chiro Cent Found 1995; Jul: 366-367. An effect of sacro occipital technique on blood pressure. Unger J, Sweat S, Flanagan S, Chudowski S. Proceedings of the International Conference on Spinal Manipulation. 1993 A/M. P. 87.

A single chiropractic intervention can bring about a significant reduction in blood pressure in a hypertensive group of subjects. Not only was the reduction in systolic blood pressure statistically significant; more important was the clinical significance of this effect. Chiropractic management of a hypertensive patient: a case study. Plaugher G, Bachman TR. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics accepted for publication 1993. A 38-year-old male complaining of hypertension of 14 years duration was suffering from the side effects of medication (Minipress T and Corgard T ): bloating sensations, depression, fatigue, and impotency.

Chiropractic analysis revealed vertebral subluxation complex at levels C6-7, T3-4, and T7-8.

After three visits, patient’s M.D. stopped the Minipress T and reduced the Corgard T After ix adjustments, Corgard T was reduced again. All medications were stopped after seven adjustments. Medication side effects had abated as well. After 18 months, patient’s blood pressure remained at normal levels. Hypertension and the atlas subluxation complex. Goodman R. Chiropractic: J of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. Vol 8 No. 2, July 1992. Pp. 30-32.

Rebecca G. – “5 Stars”

“Dr. Dan and his team are incredible. Tons of reviews on here already talk about how effective and gentle his method of care are and I completely echo that. Before I moved to Fort Collins, I was going to a chiropractor to manage pain from a back injury, thinking that I would always have that pain. Now, though, I feel confident that Dr. Dan is actually fixing the problem and not just helping me manage the pain (which has been so much better since I started).

Beyond the treatment, though, Dr. Dan and his team really and truly care about patients as people. I recently came into a financial situation that wouldn’t allow me to afford to continue on with my current treatment plan. Instead of changing my plan and potentially disrupting the progress, Dr. Dan and his staff worked with me to look at different financial options that would help make the treatment plan fit better within my budget constraints and still allow me to get the treatment plan that will best help me heal. Truly, this is an incredible practice with kind people. I am so, so glad that someone recommended Elevate Chiropractic to me.”

Suji S. – “5 Stars”

“I have to say that I was questioning going to a chiropractor at first and didn’t really want to go. Thankfully, I did go and my mind was completely changed. Dr. Daniel and everyone there is wonderful and great to work with. The adjustments that I have received have helped me feel better than I thought I could. They are gentle and not nearly as bad has I have heard from others when the are seen by their chiropractors. They are very welcoming and take great care of me and my family. My family and I are all patients because we were so blown away with the care that they provide. I recommend Elevate Chiropractic to everyone I come across. “

Josiah F. – “5 Stars”

“Dr. Dan, Elise and the entire team at Elevate Chiropractic are what really sets this great practice apart. Every time that I have gone to their office I am warmly greeted with a smile. I really appreciate how thorough they are in their analysis and figuring out exactly the cause of my health concerns are. They have done a great job of taking care of me and my family. I could not more highly recommend Elevate Chiropractic to anyone who wants long term correction of their health concerns and wants to reach optimal health. I am living the elevated life.”

Taylor H. – “5 Stars”

“Elevate Chiropractic is amazing. Dr. Dan and Elise have created an exceptional practice that gives you confidence you are getting the very best in Chiropractic care. Their staff is awesome and each of the team members adds to the overall positive atmosphere. Simply put, if you want quality, customized care and a better quality of life, Elevate is the only place to go!”

Megan N. – “5 Stars”

“From the beginning of my treatment the Elevate team has been extremely warm and welcoming. I have yet to have a negative experience here and on top of having top notch staff, they are truly helping me get better! Even after my first few appointments I saw improvements and am continuing to see positive results. I definitely recommend Elevate to anyone looking for a family-oriented and client-focused experience!”

Patrick S. – “5 Stars”

“Great and friendly service! Dr. Andres, Amy, and the rest of the staff really care about your preventative health care! Highly recommended.”

Josh S. – “5 Stars”

“A really great chiropractor here at Elevate. I have had years of pain and a bad back and all the chiropractors I have been to in the past have all assumed what was wrong with my back. After getting the assessment done here, I KNOW what is wrong and am going through the treatment process of correcting it. It has been a very uplifting experience and I’m glad Dr. Dan is here to help.”

C. P. – “5 Stars”

“Seeing chiropractors for more than half of my life – I can say with confidence that Dr. Wallis is JUST! THE BEST! He truly has a GIFT – and our family couldn’t recommend Elevate Chiropractic more highly. They know their patients, they CARE about their patients – you have a partner in health with these amazing people. The care we have received and continue to receive has improved our quality of life. The improvements and results that I have experienced I wouldn’t have believed possible – after suffering for so long with pain and physical limitations after back surgery – and I’m SO GRATEFUL!”

Haydenandrea – “5 Stars”

“This office is such a joy! Dr. Dan is a sweet and knowledgeable man who has helped my family so much already! From the moment we walk in to the moment we walk out we are treated with nothing but kindness and respect. Office visits are short and sweet and they accommodate our schedules so well. Thank you, Elevate, for being so good to us and to your community!”

Margo M. – “5 Stars”

“Elevate Chiropractic has changed my condition in such a short amount of time! I’m a busy mom of 2 kids and pregnant with my 3rd baby. Pregnancy has always been a painful time because of continual hip pain that I experience. I started seeing Dr. Dan a few weeks ago and my hip pain has been almost completely gone the past 5 day which is a miracle at this point in my pregnancy! The staff was VERY thorough in their explanation of everything happening in the office, in my body, and the office atmosphere is extremely professional, relaxing, and friendly. Oh…and my kids LOVE coming with me because it’s super kid friendly and relaxed which is a HUGE plus as a mom! Thank you, Dr. Dan, Elise, and Elevate Chiropractic staff for all you do…it really does set you a part!”

Cassie W. – “5 Stars”

“I have been seeing Dr. Dan and his team for two years throughout graduate school. The level of continuous care I have received is beyond exceptional. I do not know how I would have survived these past two years without Elevate!”

Zachary D. – “5 Stars”

“Dr. Dan and Elise are one of a kind. They Truly love people and have everyone’s best interest at heart. They apply a systematic and results driven approach to chiropractic with a beautiful facility and state of the art equipment. They are by far the best chiropractic office I have been to and I look forward to each visit! If you want to improve your quality of life and overall health, definitely give Elevate and Dr. Dan a try!”

Summer E. – “5 Stars”

“I have to admit, that at first, I was skeptical. Firstly, I had just moved here, and finding a good chiropractor that I loved as much as my former one in San Diego, was going to be tough. Secondly, I was used to a certain method of chiropractic, which was very different from the technique used by Dr. Dan at Elevate. But Dan, Elise, and their staff were so welcoming, that I decided to stick with it. I also researched his technique and found overwhelming evidence and testimonies that support what he does. It’s been five months, and I feel better than ever!”

Elizabeth B. – “5 Stars”

“I’ve never been to a better chiropractor. His form of treatment is gentle and effective. There’s no snapping the neck or joints, which terrifies me. After a few sessions I felt better than I had in years. He treats all ages, including babies and people of my age (senior). Thank you Dr. Dan!!”

We are on a mission to educate our community about the benefits of chiropractic.

Scientific research shows that chiropractic care is a proven method to affect overall nervous system function and health, without the need for invasive procedure or medications.

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The Chiropractic Assessment from Elevate Chiropractic is like no other and can be the stepping stone for better health for you and your family. It’s an easy, no-obligation way to learn what your spine and central nervous system is telling you about your health. We urge you to make your appointment today!


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