Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

The Fort Collins Chiropractors at Elevate Chiropractic want you to know the positive impact on your health that chiropractic can bring. Take a look at what the latest research shows about the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Benefits for Your Health

Did you know that the benefits of chiropractic care extend to a wide range of health concerns? Chiropractic care is most often associated with neck pain, back pain and spinal issues, but a growing list of research studies demonstrate that the services provided by chiropractors are clinically effective, safe and cost effective.

Take a look at recent studies spotlighted below. They show that ongoing chiropractic care can have positive effects on back pain.

Chiropractic Benefits for Back Pain

Chronic spinal pain – a randomized clinical trial comparing medication, acupuncture and spinal manipulation. Giles LGF, Muller R. Spine 2003;28:1490-1503.
Three groups of patients with back pain were given a nine week course of care using medicine, acupuncture or chiropractic care. The results showed a significantly higher number of satisfied chiropractic patients. The 40 medical patients were given two anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) and the pain killer Celebrex T, Viox T or paracetamol. 18 dropped out early because the drugs either didn’t help or caused side effects. Of the 22 who completed the study only two found relief. Out of 32 patients who tried acupuncture 10 dropped out early because they weren’t being helped. Of the rest 3 reported pain relief.

Out of 33 chiropractic patients eight dropped out because they weren’t being helped. Of the rest nine reported pain relief. Is low back pain part of a general health pattern or is it a separate and distinctive entity?A critical literature review of co-morbidity with low back pain.

Hestbaek L, Leboeuf-Yde C, Manniche CJ Manipulative Physiol Ther May 2003 . Vol 26 . No. 4

This review paper (literature search) goal is to see if there is co-morbidity or other health problems in people with persistent lower back pain. Twenty-three papers were reviewed. All “showed positive associations to all disorders investigated (headache/migraine, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disease, general health, and others) with the exception of diabetes.”

The conclusion states: “The literature leaves no doubt that diseases cluster in some individuals and that low back pain is part of this pattern. However, the nature of the relationship between low back pain and other disorders is still unclear.” Unfortunately the authors did not investigate whether the most important findings chiropractors could locate, the vertebral subluxation complex, was a factor. The presence of VSC may clarify the relationship between lower back pain and visceral etc. disorders.

The course of low back pain in a general population. Results from a 5-year prospective study Hestbaek L, et al. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. May 2003; Vol. 26, No. 4. In this study, more than one third of people who experienced LBP in the previous year did so for more than 30 days. Forty percent of those still had LBP 1 and 5 years later, and 9% were pain free in year 5. LBP rarely seems to be self-limiting but merely presents with periodic attacks and temporary remissions. Chronic low back pain: a study of the effects of manipulation under anesthesia. Nicholas F. Palmieri, NF Smoyak S Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics October 2002 . Volume 25 . Number 8

The objective of this project was to evaluate the efficacy of using self-reported questionnaires to study manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) for patients with chronic low back pain. Self-reported outcome assessment instruments were used to evaluate changes in patients receiving MUA versus those not receiving MUA.

A total of 87 subjects from two ambulatory surgical centers and 2 chiropractic clinics participated in this study. The intervention group consisted of 38 patients and the nonintervention (control) group consisted of 49 patients.

Patients in the intervention group received MUA. Patients in the nonintervention group received traditional chiropractic treatment.

In this sample of patients with chronic low back pain, self-reported outcomes improved after the procedure and at follow-up evaluation. There was more improvement reported in the intervention group than the nonintervention group. This study supports the need for large-scale studies on MUA. It also revealed that self-reported outcome assessments are easily administered and a dependable method to study MUA.

Upper cervical management of a patient with neuromusculoskeletal and visceral complaints. McCoy M. Today’s Chiropractic May/June 2001. P. 46-47.

This is the case of a 65-year-old man who began to have symptoms of lower extremity pain and parasthesias, ambulatory problems, urinary difficulties (having to urinate every half hour) and visual problems after back surgery which fused his thoracolumbar segments. Patient also had gout which affected his right big toe and fingers, ankles, elbows and fingers. He was on Indocin for the gout. He was also on medication for high blood pressure and wore glasses for reading.

Twice as a child he suffered from head trauma. One time he fell over a railing and landed on top of his head.

The patient reported that during the evening of his first adjustment he experienced shock-like sensations bilaterally into his arms and legs. He also reported chills, a fever, and coldness in his hands, sweats, and an increase in frequency of urination, gluteal muscle soreness and loss of appetite. By the next morning the symptoms resolved.

Patient had twenty chiropractic visits over a 5 month period. By the time of the seventh visit he did not need an adjustment. The numbness and tingling along the right side of his body were gone and he was walking better. His legs felt stronger and he was not using his cane much. Sitting and standing were less troublesome.

He reports a decrease in frequency of urination to only a few times a day and that he doesn’t need his glasses for reading anymore.

Chey C. – “5 Stars”

“I highly recommend Elevate Chiropractic!! The staff is beyond amazing and super friendly! They make you feel welcomed from the very first visit! I’m very happy I found Elevate and am looking forward to returning week after week, for years to come.”

David F. – “5 Stars”

“Best Chiropractic group in town! My family and I have used them for 2+ years, and coulfn’t be happier. Dan and his team are also very involved in our Ft. Collins community, which I value and appreciate.”

Jackie N. – “5 Stars”

“I’ve been a practice member since 2016. Before starting care I would have debilitating muscle spasms in my back, due to degenerate discs. Other then having major surgery, I would have to take muscle relaxers every time they acted up. Becoming a practice member is the best thing I’ve done for my health! I have not had one muscle spasm since being under care with Elevate Chiropractic. In addition, the amazing team who sincerely care about your well being!”

Irene R. – “5 Stars”

“I have been consistent in attending weekly for 9 months now, and the difference is HUGE! I thought (or got used to) living with lower back pain was normal for my age; but I was wrong. I have seen a great improvement in my mobility, energy levels, and allergies. I originally came in for a concerning throbbing head sensation, but that and many other ailments are gone now. Thank you! Another benefit is that all the staff are kind and treat you like family.”

A. S. – “5 Stars”

“I had a really sore neck and sore lower back and these guys have helped me so much! I feel great, I have full range of motion again in my neck, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel good! I wondered if it was time to get a new mattress, but it turns out, I just needed some good re-alignment! Thank you guys!”

Kati D. – “5 Stars”

“Friendly, efficient, and genuinely care about YOU. Every time I visit, I am welcomed with a smile, great client interactions, and I leave with a smile on my face! The doctors are fantastic at explaining the science of chiropractic and truly want you to get better.”

Karla S. – “5 Stars”

“They do a wonderful job. I started going during my pregnancy they took wonderful car of me and really helped with my back and hip pain. They also adjust my toddler and my newborn. They are super gentle and never pop or crack any of us.”

Tina G. – “5 Stars”

“The 1st time I entered the Elevate Chiropractic office it was so welcoming and homey it was not like a normal or usual Chriopractice office which I loved and then meeting the staff was even more welcoming they all are so nice. They explained everything that they were going to do and went over my x-rays and scan. They explained the next steps of how they were going to help me get better, I wasn’t a lost cause, they were so positive and they brought my spirits up! Genesis, Amy1 & Amy2 and Dr Andres attended to me that 1st day and continue to do so, they are so friendly, caring and considerate that they make me feel as if I’m part of they’re family! After my 2nd adjustment I was feeling better! I would definately recommend Elevate Chiropractic to all my friends, family and everyone else who is having any kind of body pain, whether it’s back, shoulders, knees, legs, ankles, joint, muscle spasms, headaches, etc. They even treat infants and children! Come in as a walk in to check it out or even better, call and make an appt I promise you won’t regret it!”

Theresa M. – “5 Stars”

“At first I was concerned that this would not work but I am happy to say that Elevate Chiropractic has helped me so much with my headaches and back pain. I would recommend.”

Brooke J. – “5 Stars”

“Absolutely the best chiropractic care around. I’ve been to several over the years and won’t get treated anywhere else now.
Dr. Dan has helped our entire family, though most dramatically our 1 year old who struggled with digestive issues (despite being under chiropractic care for most of his little life!) If you have any health concerns, I cannot recommend elevate enough.
From their initial in depth patient intake, their state of the art scanning technology, the amazing staff, the incredible skill and care that Dr. Dan applies to every adjustment, and their reasonable pricing, there simply isn’t better care out there.”

Joy C. – “5 Stars”

“So glad to have found this place! Dr. Dan and the whole staff are so welcoming and attentive, and totally committed to entire wellness. Thankful to have found a chiropractor who treats using gentle and pain free methods!”

Jennifer S. – “5 Stars”

“Dr. Dan and the team at Elevate are extremely friendly! They all truly care about your health. I love all of the technology they use in the office and how they truly get to the root cause instead of just masking symptoms. I like how coming in for an adjustment is pretty quick, but they still make you feel like an individual. You’ll absolutely love this family practice. Highly recommend!”

We are on a mission to educate our community about the benefits of chiropractic.

Scientific research shows that chiropractic care is a proven method to affect overall nervous system function and health, without the need for invasive procedure or medications.

Take Action Today For Better Health

As Dr. Dan Wallis often says, “Procrastination is the thief of all health!” The main thing to strive for is to take action now and make a difference in your own health and the health of your family members. Taking a step in the right direction for your health is a phenomenal thing. Join your neighbors in Fort Collins and take action today for your health.

The Chiropractic Assessment from Elevate Chiropractic is like no other and can be the stepping stone for better health for you and your family. It’s an easy, no-obligation way to learn what your spine and central nervous system is telling you about your health. We urge you to make your appointment today!


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