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The chiropractors and team members of Elevate Chiropractic in Fort Collins urge you to learn all you can about how you can take charge of your own health. In our blog, you’ll find helpful information about the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care.

A Solution For Seizures?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which the sufferer experiences excessive neuronal discharges with loss or altered state of consciousness in the brain. Each year, The U.S. spends $16 billion in the management of epilepsy.

Chiropractic has long had a history of positive results with epileptic and seizure related disorders. A 2015 case study reported on a 2 year old boy who experienced frequent seizures. Upon examination, his chiropractor found subluxation at the top bone of the spine, the atlas. After 5.5 months of chiropractic care, the boy is seizure free!

By reducing nerve interference due to subluxation, neuronal stimuli are reduced in the brain. This causes the brain to function better and decreases the likelihood of excessive neuronal discharge which causes seizures. Do you know somebody suffering with seizures or epilepsy? Have they been checked for nerve interference? No matter the symptom, chiropractic can help the body function better, allowing you to be healthier!

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We are on a mission to educate our community about the benefits of chiropractic.

Scientific research shows that chiropractic care is a proven method to affect overall nervous system function and health, without the need for invasive procedure or medications.

Take Action Today For Better Health

As Dr. Dan Wallis often says, “Procrastination is the thief of all health!” The main thing to strive for is to take action now and make a difference in your own health and the health of your family members. Taking a step in the right direction for your health is a phenomenal thing. Join your neighbors in Fort Collins and take action today for your health.

The Chiropractic Assessment from Elevate Chiropractic is like no other and can be the stepping stone for better health for you and your family. It’s an easy, no-obligation way to learn what your spine and central nervous system is telling you about your health. We urge you to make your appointment today!


Our Mission Is To Elevate YOU!

There’s no better way to tell you about the improvements in health that occur every day in our chiropractic office than  to have you listen to the patients just like you.

Every day, we hear about how chiropractic adjustments can make all the difference in the lives of Fort Collins area residents. Take a look at this testimonial about the healing power of chiropractic and call us today to schedule your comprehensive chiropractic assessment.

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